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Bass Fishing Boat

If you’re looking to get out on the water and catch fish or get away from the wild and noisy family, renting a bass boat is the ideal option for you and your group. They are low in profile so you can easily cast off of the bow or stern of the boat, and they can get you around the lake quickly. Top speed for competitive bass fishing boats can reach 70 MPH, so you’ll definitely want someone experienced behind the wheel. Once you find a great fishing hole, time will simply slow down and you’ll be able to kick your feet up and cast away until you find the perfect lure! Keep quite by maneuvering the boat with a electric trolling motor. Bass boats comfortably fit 2-4 passengers depending on the size, so choose your friends accordingly. Nothing beats heading out on the lake all day in a bass boat and coming home with some great photos and funny stories you’ll never share.

Top Features

Outboard and trolling Motor


Bass boats are very light, so even if your boat has an outboard motor with ~100 horsepower, you’re going to travel far and fast. A quiet electric trolling motor assists in maneuvering around the shallow nooks and crannies around the lake without startling the fish... Don’t scare, CATCH THEM!



Be sure to ask the marina you are renting if they also have fishing rods, reels, nets, and lures availble to rent. If they do not offer rentals, don’t fret, almost every Walmart or Target around a lake sells Rods starting at around $30. If the Marina has live bait, great! If not, your can find all of that gear in the same local stores. They often have passionate reps at the fishing dept!

Fishing with the Family


Fishing is a great way to bond with your children or grand-children. Like most things in life, to become a true bass fisherman it takes time, attentive listening, and patience. Teach your loved ones some of the most important lessons in life while spending quality time on the water with only you, family, nature, and the occasional burst of excitement and celebration when you start hooking fish!