Kayaking is one of the most popular watersports in the world! It is practiced on lakes, rivers, oceans and in surf zones. Basically anywhere you see water you will find a person braving the environment on a kayak! It is a sport that uses a double-bladed oar to navigate water in a small dirigible boat that usually covers the legs and feet. This boat is called a kayak. Kayaks come in all different kinds of shapes and sizes. They usually permit one to three riders and the shape is determined by the type of water to be navigated or the activity to be pursued. Given the nature of the elements to be braved, kayaking has a wide range of experience levels. However don’t be intimidated, while you need a lot of experience to kayak through a Class 5 rapid, you don’t need much for a calm day on the lake. Whether you are looking for a relaxing day enjoying sights from a novel angle, or looking for an exhilarating day of intense exercise, the kayak is the watersport for you!

Top Features



Kayaking is an excellent aerobic exercise that imrpoves your fitness levels, strength and flexibility. Holding the paddle strengthens muscles in the back, shoulders, arms and chest. The act of rowing involves applying pressure with the legs while rotating your torso. It’s a full body experience that will have you feeling great no matter your exertion level!



The quiet of a calm morning on the water can only truly be captured on a kayak. Slowly paddeling silently through the water taking deep breathes to enjoy the moment. One of life’s truisms is that beauty is often best beheld from the water. Without a noisy engine, the peace of a kayak is the unparalled way to enjoy a true connection with the great outdoors!



Where you can rent one kayak you can almost always rent many! Some kayaks can seat up to 3 people so anytime you and your family want to get on the water together you can always do so on kayaks! Gently kayak down a stream, enjoy a day on the lake or examine water caves on the ocean, the kayak is the floating vessel for your next family adventure! To all the extreme kayakers.... Don’t forget your dry-bags!