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How does Docklyne Work?

Docklyne connects people that want to get on the water with rental professionals to create wonderful experiences. We are a digital marketplace where commercial boat rental operators can list their vessels and watercraft in order to be found and booked by visitors to the website.


1.    Users visit and search for a water vessel in the city and state in which they wish to rent. They can also choose a date to specify their time of interest.

2.    After the user submits a search they will see a list of vessels. The user can organize by the vessels themselves, or if they have preferences they can organize by operation. They can do this by clicking the toggle button at the top.

3.    If the user wishes to narrow down the searches, or search for a specific type of vessel or experience they can utilize the filters at the top of the page.

4.    Once the user has found the appropriate water vessel they can click on it and navigate to the listing page. On the listing page they need to ensure their details are correct and then inquire.

5.    Once a user has inquired about a vessel the operation has a 24 hour window with which to respond. They will either confirm the rental or deny if rental criteria are not met.

6.    If the inquiry is confirmed the users credit card will be charged the full amount of the booking and the booking will be set. Both the User and the Operation will receive notifications of the booking on and off of the platform via methods of their choice.

7.    You enjoy a day on the water!


Please contact if you have any further questions! We want to ensure you get on the water as quickly and happily as possible!

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