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What are the costs in a Docklyne booking?

The items below comprise the cost of a booking on Docklyne. They will vary according to the date selected and the type of vessel. Some prices are static across all vessels at an operation but may vary operation to operation

Price Breakdown:

Vessel Price:

This is the cost of renting your vessel for a given time period. Boats either operate on an AM/PM/FULLDAY or Hourly calendar. The cost of your vessel will depend on the time of the segment selected and the type of vessel.

Renter Service Fee:

Docklyne charges the renter a nominal service fee on every rental. This service fee is applied to the rental cost before any credits or coupons are applied. This fee permits Docklyne to provide a safe and successful service including helping us to securely process payments, prevent fraud and provide identity protection.

Potential Renter Fees:

Captain Fee -- Some operations have Captains available upon request. Price will vary depending upon the operation from which you rent.

Pet Fee -- if you wish your furry friend to come aboard with you then you might need to pay a fee to the rental operation.

Watersports Fee -- Not all rental operations permit Watersports such as tubing or wakeboarding, however those that do will usually charge a fee for participating in said activity.

Potential Post Reservation Fees:

Cleaning Fee -- Depending on the state in which the boat is left after a rental a cleaning fee might be applied to your reservation.

Fuel Fee -- Most operations have different fuel policies but you could see a charge in your reservation. Please view the Operation Page to view specific details on their policy.

Late Fees -- If the vessel is returned after the agreed upon return time the operator reserves the right to charge you for the late vessel. Please to view specific details on their policy.

Rental Fees:

Some rental operations will let you rent items depending on their services provided. These could include coolers, wakeboards, water skis, ski ropes, slaloms, kneeboards, child skis or tubes. These will not be available to rent at all rental operations but those that provide them can be rented via Docklyne. Prices will vary depending on the rental operation.


Some US states require that Docklyne collects taxes for rentals that occur in those states.

Security Deposit

Boats are expensive! Most rental operators will request a security deposit be placed on your card for a rental in the case of incidental damages or lost equipment. The security deposit will be taken 48 hours in advance of your rental, and refunded no later than 48 hours afterwards if no claim has been filed by the rental operator.

Please contact if you have any further questions! We want to ensure you get on the water as quickly and happily as possible!





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