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The Docklyne Multi-Calendar

We know that the calendar is at the center of every operations business and we worked diligently to produce a tool that could improve your business. We know that managing a fleet of boats is difficult so we built a multi-calendar that allows you to visualize and organize your bookings on one page.

The multi-calendar allows you to:

  • Identify immediately which vessels are rented for the upcoming week
  • Dynamically change pricing on un-rented inventory
  • See reservation details at the click of a button
  • Create offline bookings for vessels
  • Edit bookings from the click of a button
  • Seamlessly take you to messaging with renters for specific rentals
  • Quickly search and see the calendar for specific boats based upon internal ID’s
  • Filter your calendar by boat type, rental type and duration
  • Jump to a specific date on a calendar to make reservations
  • Jump quickly between your AM/PM/Full Day and Hourly inventory

We are really proud of what we built for you and want to ensure you are organized and ready for everything your business needs.

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about running your operation on Docklyne please contact us at

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