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Adding a Vessel

We want to make it as easy as possible to add inventory to your fleet. Please follow the instructions below to add a vessel:

  1. Log-in to your Docklyne account
  2. Navigate to “Fleet” on the left hand navigation menu
  3. Click “Add Vessel” in the top right corner of the page
  4. Select “Add New Vessel” or “Copy Existing Vessel”
    1. We know you often have multiple of the same vessel, so we wanted to make it easier to add another vessel. If you have already added a similar vessel you wish to copy, click “Copy Existing Vessel” and if it is a different type of boat you wish to add please click “Add New Vessel”
    2. If you selected “Copy Existing Vessel” please go through the steps to ensure the information about the vessel is correct.
  5.  If you selected “Add New Vessel” you will see the Boat Details page. Please provide an internal boat name and the listing name.
    1. The internal boat name is what you use internally for reference, this name is not seen by the renters. Example: “Boat 1”
    2. The Listing ID is the name seen by the renters so you have 60 characters to make your boat pop on the search results page. Example: “Beautiful 24ft pontoon perfect for family outings!”
  6. Provide the Operation to which the boat belongs and your address. The address will come pre-filled but if it is wrong please go edit your operation to see it changed everywhere on the website.
  7. Next you will see the Description page where you will fill out all of the details about your vessel.
    1.  If you are adding a “Paddle Sports” vessel please select that under “Boat Category”
  8. Next you will add photos of your vessel. The more the merrier as renters love to see what they will rent!
    1. For transparency when you add a photo you need to select if it is an “actual photo of the vessel”, “marketing photo from manufacturer”, “photo of a similar boat” or “Place of Interest or activity.” We do this so we can be as transparent as possible with renters and fend off any future issues with them feeling like they did not get what they saw.
  9. Next you will fill out the pricing page. This is the pricing renters will see on your vessels.
    1. If all segments are the same you can use our “Bulk Pricing Update” tool to speed up this process.
  10. Next you will fill out the amenities on the boat. These will be displayed on the boat details page to renters.
  11. Finally you can add any special policies you wish to the rental that will also be displayed on the boat details page.
  12. Click Submit and you will be asked to activate the listing. When you click “Activate” the boat is live and available to rent on Docklyne.
  13. Lets get it rented!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns about running your operation on Docklyne please contact us at

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