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Renter Vetting

In order for a renter to engage with you on the platform they must have a verified Docklyne account. When they create their profile they must include a verified government ID and their boating experience.

We know you have been doing business your way for a long time and we are not here to get in the way of your vetting process. You can call the renter. You can write requirements in the listing description. You can even request a trial on the water. You know your business and we simply want to make it easier for renters to connect with you.

All that said, please ensure to rate all of your renters after checkout. We are building a “trusted renters” list so that your fellow commercial boat rental operators can do the vetting for you. When you give a star review, and write a review of the renter that is visible to all future operators doing business with that renter. Similarly, all other operator reviews are visible to you. This way we create a system with less work for you with other professional renters doing your vetting and you doing so for them!

Please contact if you have any further questions! We want to ensure you get on the water as quickly and happily as possible!

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