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What are the perks of Docklyne?

Docklyne was built by commercial boat rental operators for commercial boat rental operators. We toured the country speaking with rental owners listening to their problems and we built a platform to take all of the problems into consideration. With Docklyne we will increase your visibility by making your boats available to more people than ever. We will drive traffic to your boats on our platform  through advertising and social media. We will reduce your number of phone calls as people can more easily find rentals in one space and provide readily discoverable information on your operation.

We have built tools like our multi-calendar that make it much easier to manage your fleet. We provide dynamic pricing so you can update the pricing on your vessels anytime, anywhere. We have built an easy to use messaging platform that will reduce phone calls and make it easy to confirm potential renters.

We are also building a tool by which you can rate your renters and you can see their rating from other rental operators when reviewing their request. We did this to improve your screening process as we hope if another professional rental operator thinks a person is a good renter, that you will too.

We built Docklyne because while there is an easy way to rent a car, book a hotel room or an airplane ticket but there was no platform for commercial boat rental operators. We are one of you and we built this platform so that you could more easily rent your boats.

Please contact if you have any further questions! We want to ensure you get on the water as quickly and happily as possible!

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