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Paying for a Rental

When a boat rental operator confirms your booking your credit card will be charged the full amount of the booking. Both you and the operator will receive an email with the booking confirmation and it will be saved in your reservations on the docklyne platform.


Once the booking is confirmed you can continue to use the “messages” section of the website for any questions or you can contact the operator via phone or email which will be in the confirmation email.


At this time you will only be charged the amount of the booking. 48 hours before the booking your credit card will be charged a security deposit in the amount specified by the boat operator. The rental cannot occur until this charge has been met so please ensure that you have sufficient funds on your credit card. If the operator reports that there is no damage to the boat the security deposit will be refunded 48 hours after the booking.


Depending on the policy of the rental operation your credit card could be charged for fuel, or a cleaning fee after the rental.


Please ensure to thoroughly read the policies of the operation before you rent so as to be aware of the potential charges. We are excited to see you renting with us and we want to ensure you have the best experience possible!


Please contact if you have any further questions! We want to ensure you get on the water as quickly and happily as possible!

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