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How do I delete my account?

We will be very sad to see you go. It's our heart’s desire to see you out on a watercraft enjoying a beautiful day on the water. Please know we’d love for you to stay!

If you feel like you are receiving too many communications from Docklyne please go to your account settings (LINK) and unsubscribe from our newsletter and turn off SMS notifications.

If you are a user: please ensure you have no active boat reservations as you will need your account to communicate with the operator.

If you are a boat rental operator: you can reject incoming inquiries, and unpublish all of your listings so as to not receive future notifications.

If after all of this you still wish to delete your account please email (from the email of the account) with the subject DELETE and we will delete your account for you. Thanks! Please know we’d always love to see you come back.

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