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How to Find and Rent a Wakeboard / Ski Boat


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Search marinas and rental operations in your area for boats


2. Connect

Connect with an operation in your area to book


3. Book

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That you are only dealing with professionals. Docklyne is the first and only boat rental platform that exclusively connects you with professional boat rental operations like marinas. You will not be renting a boat from a person who only has one boat and is trying to make a boat payment. You will be renting from professionals who manage a fleet of boats, and know exactly how to ensure you have a safe and special day with you and your companions on the water!
At Docklyne, our mission is to bring the joy of boating to more people than ever. With our intuitive platform, you can rent a boat from the nearest marina whenever you want! First, you need to search marinas and rental operations in your area. Second, you find the type of boat you want to rent at the price that best suits your needs at the most convenient location and you book, Third … well third is All Aboard time and you have a great day!
The cost to rent a boat depends on a number of factors. First is the duration and whether you want to rent the boat for an hour, a half day, a full day, or multiple days. Then there is the boat type, a wakeboarding boat usually costs more to rent than a pontoon. Finally, it's the marina from which you want to rent the boat. Sometimes location and convenience can be the difference in pricing. Regardless, Docklyne will allow you to compare boat rentals to find the best price to meet your needs.
The number of people allowed on a boat depends on the size of the boat and the regulations of the marina from where you rent the boat. All Marinas have different rules, but the boat listing on Docklyne will tell you how many people are allowed on your trip!
You must be 18 years old to rent a boat on Docklyne, but the age requirements are up to the marina from where you rent the boat. Look at the “Age Requirements Policy” on the Marina Listing Page and Boat Listing Page to see the specifics for your rental.
Boating license requirements are not uniform across the United States. Please contact the Marina from where you would like to rent a boat to hear more about the local licensing requirements.

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